What are cookies?

Many websites you visit, save small text files on your computer. In this way your computer can be recognized during your visit and at a next visit. Such files are called 'cookies'.


What do cookies do?

There are 3 types of cookies.

  1. Necessary cookies
    Certain cookies are necessary to hold settings or preferences during a visit to the website or at a next visit. Imagine that you don't want any cookies of a certain website. This website 'remembers' it by placing a cookie. Without cookies you are bothered every time with the same questions.

  2. Cookies for research of website use
    There are cookies that pass on to the website what pages you view, in what order, and how long. These Cookies enable us to make web statistics for a better adjustment of the website to the visitors. Similar are e.g. cookies to carry out online surveys.

  3. Other cookies
    For other kind of cookies it is necessary to ask for permission, e.g. tracking cookies.


No personal data

The cookies - such as the ones used by - contain no personal data. Cookies like that cannot simply be used to identify you. For that additional information would be needed: e.g. a combination of cookies of type 3 with your login data for websites of third parties (those login data are often very well traceable to your person). Without additional information cookies are no threat for your privacy.


Do you have objections to cookies?

If you use the site of, you automatically agree with the placing of cookies of type 1 and 2. For type 3 cookies you have to give your explicit consent.
Do you want to exclude cookies completely? This is possible through the settings of your browser (internet program). More information about cookies and the exclusion of cookies you can find on the website


What cookies are placed by

Below you see what cookies ARE PLACED BY for each of the 3 types of THE ABOVEMENTONED 'What do cookies do?'.


Necessary cookies (type 1)
The following cookies of are needed to make the website work:


allowcookies 1 year Please remember if you accept cookies of type 3 or not. Furthermore this cookie contains a unique number with which we can prove your consent.


Cookies for research of website use (type 2) collects data for anonymous statistics about visits to the website. This is done with the product Analytics of the company Google. adheres to the privacy laws while processing.
The website works with cookies and JavaScript codes to save the following data:
the IP-address of your internet provider;
the browser you use (such as Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox);
from what page you landed on;
when and how long you visited;
what pages you view at on



_ga 2 years Is used to be able to distinguish visitors.
_gid 24 hours Is used to be able to distinguish visitors.
_gat 1 day Is used to regulate the data collection. 


Other cookies (type 3) uses no service of third parties to collect more data of visitors.