Facade images first houses of Jazz City

Thursday, February 19



Recently the image quality plan for Jazz City has been determined in the Council which guarantees a high-quality living environment within Jazz City.

In line with this image quality plan the image of the residential/shop building at the waterfront has also been approved by the commission Image quality.

This design consists of 5 floors with give or take one hundred apartments. In the basement there will be parking spaces for the apartments as well as 2 layers of shops which will be part of the fourth phase of the Designer Outlet. The apartments will be accessible by three generous entrances on the promenade.
The apartments situated at the waterfront will get an appearance that refers to its nautical and industrial character. The facade consists of brick alternated with large windows. The balconies and windows have glass balustrades so that the panoramic view will not be restricted. In size and scale the apartments at the city side will be a good fit with the historical city centre of Roermond. Here the facades get a refined character, enhanced by the use of several handcrafted processes in brick. All apartments will naturally have a spacious balcony.