New Orleans arises 

Monday, January 11



The construction of residential building New Orleans is making steady progress. Before Christmas all the ground piles were drilled and last week all foundations have been laid. Also a small beginning has been made with the preparations for laying the cellar floor.

As expected a big part of the cellar floor and the cellar walls will be realized in January. These walls are necessary for making the slopes in the access road in February, with which the connection of the raised area Jazz City and the flood defense, realized by the Water Board, has become a fact.


In relation to the safety around the construction site there will be a conversation with the local authorities and the safety region about the use of the access road during work hours. In the short term further information in this respect will be published.


Through you can still subscribe as an interested party in the project and the houses. Through this site you then will be kept informed about the progresses and the rental chain. You can also indicate your preferences here.