Start construction phase 4A expansion Designer Outlet Roermond

Wednesday, March 2



1 March contractor Jongen-Meulen has started the activities for the expansion of the DOC with a fourth phase.

This phase is on the one hand in line with the current phase 1 and 3 of the DOC and on the other hand with the residential building New Orleans. Over 12.000 m2 of store and catering area will be added and the shopping circuit will be extended with approx. 350 m. The delivery of this fourth phase is expected in the spring of 2017.


Contractor Jongen-Meulen will be busy drilling and driving piles from the raised terrain the coming weeks. Therefore the outlet will not be accessible from the Maashaven, all visitors can access the DOC from the head entrance.


The building New Orleans is making steady progress, the first prefab pillars and beams under the floor of the ground level have been placed.