Start of construction September 2018

Tuesday, July 3



It's really going to happen. Next September we are starting! The construction of the extremely luxurious urban residence with its elegant outlines is becoming reality.


Manhattan offers you high-end living in all its facets with particular spacious living areas that can be flexibly arranged, big balconies and the luxury and comfort with top design brands. Storey high windows and beautifully shaped glass balustrades ensure transparency and a phenomenal view on the city and the river Maas.


In addition the complex has his own, spacious parking garage with an automatic entrance and a keyless entry. Given the future developments Manhattan is already being built without gas and will use a heat pump that will comfortingly warm and cool the building.


For more information about the apartments that are still available, please see or contact the residence consultant Peet Donkers (tel. +31 (0)475-335 225).