Update Jazz City

Thursday, April 30



Delivery Manhattan

Meanwhile Manhattan has become a part of the skyline of Roermond. In the meantime the wall cladding, which gives Manhattan her beautiful glow, has been started. As expected the residents will move to the new 'landmark' of Roermond in July 2020.


For the first floor we are still looking for the right implementation. This could e.g. be a nice catering facility or an outlet retail formula.

Look-through on the boulevard of Jazz City

It will still take some time before the complete Boulevard will be ready. We expect that all buildings will be delivered in the spring of 2023 and that people can live, shop and enjoy here.

About 2.000 m2 restaurants, 3.000 m2 outlet stores and the lobby of the hotel will then be located on the first floors of the buildings Manhattan, FourBrothers and Baton Rouge.


Four Brothers and Baton Rouge

People can also live on the Boulevard, above the commercial first floors. With the most important quality the view and the outdoor spaces. Meanwhile we have started the development of FourBrothers (150 apartments ranging from approximately 55 to 120 m2). KOW Architecten has been selected to make the design. As from the fourth floor 41 apartments, ranging from approximately 90 to 170 m2 will be in Baton Rouge.

Next summer we expect to be able to show the first pictures of FourBrothers.

The construction probably begins around the summer of 2021.

Jazz City is an area development of SDK Vastgoed.