Visible production DOC phase 4 in builders summer stop

Tuesday, September 6

Although the construction work at most of the construction sites in the country has stopped, the work for the expansion of the Designer Outlet Center in Roermond has been going on substantially during the builders holiday.


Already the building and the street pattern of phase 4 can be well read. The biggest part of the roofs already has been completed. At the moment, hard work is being carried out on the closing of the façades. The shops - closest to New Orleans - are the last phase of the implementation; currently they are working on the steel frame. But first a construction crane has to be removed to finish these shops.


At the "Big Triangle" - the huge future car park - the south part of the parking garage has also reached its highest level. They also started the wooden finish on the south side façades. This part with more than 2000 parking spaces must be ready by Christmas. At Eastern next year the north part will be put into use with another approx. 700 parking spaces.